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A good Foam Roller is a really good tool for you who want to be able to deal with your lighter muscle-related problems all by yourself. We help you find the right Foam Roller for you and for what you want help with. Our goal is for you and everyone else to be satisfied when they shop here with us and we also want everyone to be able to afford to shop with us.

Although we have chosen to focus precisely on these superb products, we also offer you a wide range of other good, affordable and effective self Massage Tools like percussion massagers, acupressure mats, massage balls etc. There are lots of different Massage Equipment in different designs, in different sizes and with different features and functions on the market.

All products also have a specific purpose for your muscles, so it is not easy to know which one or which one to choose. Today, there are millions of people around the world who also use one or more different types of Foam Rollers or other self massage tools. Many of these people have also received the help they need to find their favorite product here with us. So let us now also help you find the best possible Massage Equipment for you and all your personal desires. Although the collection name for the product is precisely Foam Roller or Massage Roller, it also often goes under names such as:

  • Muscle Roller, is usually a product that is tougher in shape to create the deepest possible pressure. It is often used for specific problem areas and for many who wish to achieve a specific result with self-treatment such as to provide pain relief and to provide treatment for muscle knots and / or tense muscles.
  • Yoga Roller, are usually soft to medium-hard, and are primarily intended for use in various yoga exercises, although many also use these for self-massage.
  • Exercise Roller, are available in different designs and sizes and work well for all forms of physical training as for mobility exercises. Is mainly a product intended for training but also here there are some variations in the product and where there are many who use their product for self-treatment.
  • Peanut Roller, has been named after its appearance which is the shape of a Peanut. It is primarily intended to treat muscles on either side of the spine, but is also a really good product for other hard-to-reach muscles such as Piriformis that sits under your glutes.
  • Trigger Point Roller, is medium to hard and is equipped with small rubber studs. These rubber spikes are used to better treat trigger points that can sit deep in the muscles.
  • Stretch Roller, can be designed in different hardness and in different sizes where it both processes muscles which increases the flexibility of muscles, tendons and joints.
  • Leg Roller, can vary in strength and can be smooth to the surface or with rubber studs, however, this is usually larger in size. The reason for this is because it can also treat larger muscle groups such as the bones.
  • Foot Roller, as you can hear, is designed to self-treat your feet. Available in various designs and often both in EVA foam material, rubber, as well as in Wooden material.
  • Hand Roller, designed to provide hand massage. Can also differ in design and design and are also available in EVA foam material, rubber, as in Wooden material.

Good thing to know though is that although the names sometimes differ, a Trigger Roller can work just as well as a regular Foam Roller and vice versa. Click on the product for more information about it and its purposes.

So you do not need to buy a product for each area, but one and the same product can often be used for different purposes and for different muscles. What is the biggest difference between them is that they come with different strengths, different designs, different sizes and with or without rubber studs for Trigger Points.

how to choose foam roller

What is a Foam Roller?

Let us first start at the right end by explaining to everyone who does not know what this product really is, what it is good for, we will come to later. A Foam Roller is a self massage tool that helps you massage the areas of your body that you might otherwise find difficult to access yourself. 

Most commonly, these areas are on the back of your body, although it is not an absolute must for it to be so. A good Foam Roller is often cylindrical in shape where they can be anything from a few inches long to more easily access smaller muscle groups to be larger cylinder designed to primarily access larger muscle groups such as Tex. Hamstrings (back thighs) and Quadriceps (front thighs). Should you use the product for this later purpose, a larger leg Foam Roller is the best product to choose.

They can also have a completely smooth rubber surface or a surface with triangular rubber spigots for better access to so-called trigger points (which we will also include later on here) as well as to better access other specific areas with their roller. This superb product is often made of flexible EVA foam, although it can also be made of other material. The products have different hardness precisely so that you can create a pressure and depth that suits you best.

There are also other products such as foot rollers and hand roller which are made of wood. On each specific product here on the page you can read more about what material they are made of when you also choose to click on the product or products you want to know more about.

Foam Roller benefits

A good Foam Roller has lots of good benefits where the main advantage is that you can treat yourself and your muscles with this massage aid. You will get several positive effects from using this product just as you would if you were to go to a good massage therapist, but what are the positive effects then:

  • Provides pain relief.
  • Increased blood circulation, increased metabolism and improved immune system.
  • Provides softer and more elastic muscles and joints, Tex. So a Yoga Roller, Exercise Roller, Stretch Roller or a Pilates Roller are often designed for increased flexibility.
  • Accelerates recovery after physical activity.
  • Improves rehabilitation during and after injury.
  • Provides better posture and balance.
  • Provides general relaxation, is stress reducing and can provide improved sleep.
  • Can also provide a general increase in well-being and can reduce anxiety and depression.

Other practical benefits that a Foam Roller also have are that they are easy to carry with you when you are traveling when they weigh almost nothing. If you buy a larger Foam Roller then a good tip on the way is to also take advantage of the opportunity to pack something inside the Foam Roller, so no space is lost and the outer casing of the cylinder also becomes a natural protection against what you have packed inside.

Other practical advantages with a Foam Roller is also that you do not need any special surface to be able to roll yourself on, this can be done on a minimal surface where you are located. The product is very cheap and effective if you use it correctly, further down the page we show you a selection of common exercises and uses for Foam Rollers. A Foam Roller is also a very durable product and will also last for a very long time if you buy one of good quality that you can find here with us, provided that you also take care of it in the best possible way

How to use a Foam roller

The great thing about the product is that you do not have to use your hands or arms to treat yourself with your roller. Instead, it is your own body weight and the foundation that you use that will create pressure over the area you want to treat. If you are above using your Foam Roller then it is good if you start with a lighter pressure and then gradually increase the pressure in the treatment, pay attention to your own pain level.

Here's how to get a lighter, medium, or harder pressure with your massage roller

If you want a lighter pressure in the treatment, you can use your roller by leaving your roller between you and for example. a wall and then treat yourself by scrolling over the specific area. Also choose a softer or medium hard product. 

For this slightly lighter pressure, the product can sometimes be referred to as yoga roller, exercise roller or stretch roller. If you also want a product with a lighter pressure then it is also recommended that you choose a smooth product without associated outstanding rubber spikes. For medium pressure, you can choose to use your deep tissue massage roller for example. In the sofa or in the bed when this surface is softer than, for example. A floor. Also, choose a medium or hard product.

For the deepest possible pressure, it is recommended that you use your Foam Roller directly on the floor or other hard surface, also choose a product that is medium or hard. Products that are made of a tougher material for the highest and most specific depth of self-treatment are often referred to as trigger point roller or muscle roller.

Massage tools for everyone

It is common to make the mistake of thinking that this type of massage equipment is only for a few people, elite and exercise athletes, however this cannot be more wrong. A Foam Roller is for all people of all ages who simply need one, which you should choose, however, can be more difficult if you do not know exactly what you want and how a Foam Roller works, that is why we have chosen to create this site and to help you.

The vast majority of us have had pain in our muscles and joints at some point, which over time also usually increases the older we get. The reason for this is usually wear and tear and many of us have had a long professional career where many of us have worked with repetitive and monotonous movements which in the long run degrades the quality of muscles, skeletons and joints. 

This is also completely normal and something that is also the course of life but there are also massage aids that you can find here with us that can still give you the pain relief and help you need.

Also, not all people who are geographically close to go to a physical therapist or masseur. Also, not everyone can afford to receive treatment as often as they may have wished or who in fact need it. Again, a good foam roller for a few hundred patches can also provide good help and relief.

What you can use your Foam roller for

Just as when we were aware of several of the various advantages that a Foam Roller has, there is also a large number of different uses that you can use your Foam Roller for. However, it is good to know that it is only recommended that you use it for general and lighter muscle-related problems such as:

  • Stiff, sore and tense muscles that you want to get pain relief for, this is also for many the main purpose for which you use your Foam Roller.
  • Trigger point pain, pain from a muscle knot that can have radiating pain. An example of this may be pain between the shoulder blades which may have radiating pain down an arm. From pain in the seat or in the lower back, it is not uncommon for the pain to radiate into the leg, so-called sciatic pain.
  • When you want to speed up recovery after a workout and during rehabilitation during and after natural injury such as work injury, sports or physical injury.
  • When you want to improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints.
  • When you feel that you need to improve the blood circulation to your muscles and joints.
    Like warming up before physical activity.
  • Seriously ill and acutely injured should not use a Foam Roller of any kind before a doctor or physiotherapist is first consulted. The same applies if you have any other doubts or concerns about an injury or for any pain you have, in such cases first consult a doctor.
1. Back Massage Roller

Lie down with your back massage roller in the middle of your back. Raise your hands on your chest to get a good balance. Then slowly lift the buttocks off the ground all while both feet remain in the ground throughout the exercise.

Keep an eye on the roof while rolling back and forth on your back massage roller. Let the roller work from the starting position at the center of the back and up to the tops of the shoulders but before the lower beginning of the neck and then down to the middle part of your back again and which is also the starting position. 

Keep your neck in a neutral position, ie straight with your eyes on the ceiling throughout the exercise.
It is also very common with muscle knots in the back, usually so these tend to be between the shoulder blades, along the outer edge of the shoulder blade or inside the shoulder blade.

These can only be specific or with an impact on a nerve and then have a radiating pain, usually this radiating pain extends into an arm, fingers or up to the neck precisely when it comes to muscle knots in the back. These muscle knots can be difficult to access when rolling and here, usually a smaller trigger point massage ball is usually a better alternative than a cylindrical roller.

2. Latissimus Roller

The upper body’s largest muscle is the large wide back muscle, the Latissimus Dorsi, and is best rolled with a larger cylindrical roller. Lie down on the side of your foam roller and stretch one arm up over your head so that the roller is positioned in height with your armpit. Roll from the armpit to a distance below the lower edge of the shoulder blade, repeating the exercise.

Here you can try to have both legs bent and one or both feet in the ground as you perform the exercise, here the pressure in the execution does not become as hard as if you keep both legs stretched, test yourself to what feels most comfortable to you.

Trigger Foam Roller , black
3. Glutes Roller

When you want foam roll glutes, usually a trigger point massage ball or a smooth massage ball roller is preferred over a cylindrically shaped roller, especially if there is a certain point that you want to access.

If it is instead the whole muscle that you want to access, a larger cylinder works perfectly. Sit down with your roller on your ham.
The leg on the side being rolled should be as stretched as possible and the other leg should be curved and balanced. Foam roll glutes in that the balancing leg helps to do the exercise by pushing you back and forth and even slightly sideways over the roller.

4. Leg Roller (hamstring roller, quadriceps roller, calves roller and it band roller)

When you want foam roll hamstrings, foam roll quadriceps and foam roll calves you need a good leg roller. These muscle groups are all large muscles and are also muscles that many want to use their rollers to. Many people also think that these muscles are some of the easiest to roll in a purely embodied way, as it is also easy to access these muscles in a good way. When you want foam roll hamstrings, sit down on your leg roller with the roller just below the butt. Use your arms by pulling back and forth over your roller.

When you want foam roll calves, do as when you just foamed rolled your hamstrings. Just be careful and careful not to go too high up over your kneecap or too far down over your heel as this can be painful. When you want foam roll quadriceps, lie down on your stomach with the roller under your front thigh. Balance on either your hands or your forearms on the ground, slowly crawling forward until just before the roller reaches your knee.

Then pull yourself back again until just before you reach the hip, then repeat the exercise. Be careful not to roll over the knee or hip itself as the roller should always work over muscular parts and not push hard against joints or skeletal parts.
If you have a wide roller and want a lighter print, you can also try rolling both legs at the same time.

When you want an IT band, you lay on the side with your roller placed just below the outside of your hip. Balance on the hands or forearms (or one of each). Use arms and / or forearms and slowly crawl upwards from the head so that your IT band rollers are simultaneously moving downwards towards the knee’s exterior.

Stop well before the Foam Roller gets to your knee and then crawl down your arms / forearms so that the roller moves in the opposite direction upwards, stop just before the hip and then repeat the exercise. Here a smooth and soft roller is recommended for a start as the band is usually a painful area to roll.

As we have already mentioned in the past, choose a Foam Roller that is tailored to the type of self-treatment that you also want to be able to perform on yourself.The same applies if you would rather have a softer, medium hard or hard Foam Roller or if you would prefer a massage ball or other massage equipment with trigger points or without trigger points.

It can also be repeated again that you can vary the pressure as the depth when you roll by foam rolling on the sofa, bed or other soft surface if you want a lighter pressure. If a medium or hard pressure is desired then it is recommended that you lie on the floor and roll or that you use a Mini Roller or Massage Ball that can create a more specific pressure over a specific muscle point.

Common questions & answers about your Foam Roller

Yes a Foam Roller can help you with this. When the area is as specific as it is with the muscles between the shoulder blades, it is a good trigger point roller or a trigger point ball, both of which should be smaller in size to recommend.

Some think that the ball is the better alternative while others think that the roller fits them better, here you have to test yourself for what suits you best. Other products that are also good for these problems are our electric massagers such as massage guns and TENS machines which you can also find here at our site.

Yes you can use a good leg roller anyway. Depending on the size of your injury and how long ago it was that the injury occurred, we recommend that you do not roll too hard nor too often to start.

Pay attention to how your body reacts during the time you roll but also the hours afterwards as well as the next day. Start by rolling on a softer surface such as. In the sofa or in bed before changing to a harder surface.

Also, as I said, start by rolling a shorter time and only a couple of times a day to a start, then gradually increase by rolling longer at each occasion as you also increase the number of sessions per day. Every injury is unique, if you have any questions or doubts, please contact your doctor or physical therapist for further consultation.

We recommend you to choose a larger cylindrical shaped roller as these are best adapted for foam roll hamstrings, foam roll quadriceps or foam roll calves. Choose between a soft, medium hard or hard product according to what suits you best and according to the desired pressure you want to get from the actual design.

If you want a general pressure over the entire muscle groups then choose a smooth product, if you want a product that can access certain hard to reach areas then choose one with the associated rubber spikes.

If you want a general roller for the entire back then a larger cylindrical roller is preferred, with or without trigger points can be selected for and where this is a matter of need but also of appearance and taste.

However, if you want a self massage tool that can better access muscle knots or specific smaller areas, a smaller trigger point massage ball is preferred. This is otherwise a very individual question as everyone’s wishes and needs are so different, otherwise it is best to test themselves to find the best product for you.

All major cylindrical products that you can find here on the site are perfect for self-massaging the IT band. In addition to recommending a larger cylinder, it is also a question if you prefer a soft roller or a harder one, you can also choose between a smooth roller or even with trigger points.

Here, we would also like to add that it can be very painful to treat the IT band and if you are not careful then the pain can be aggravated and if it is really bad you can cause severe bleeding.

If you still choose to roll the IT band then do this very carefully but also focus on the muscles that surround the IT band such as Hamstrings, Glutes, Rectus Femoris (straight up on Quadriceps) and Calves.
You can also take a look at our suggestions up here on the page where you can see how you treat the band best.

Yes we do, foam rolling for runners is incredibly good and important. Runners constantly strain muscles, tendons and joints and are also often on high levels of training.

Rolling helps to warm up the muscles before a workout, but also helps to speed up the recovery after a workout and where we recommend you roll as fast as possible after the completed workout.

This is not one we recommend you to do, this is because painkillers block the pain receptors we have in the brain. In this way you can, for example. Not feeling rolling as well as you would without painkillers.

When the medication has then lost its effect, the pain can be even worse thanks to you rolling too hard and your injury could thus be even worse. Instead, take the time to heal and become pain-free before deciding to start rolling gently and if you have any questions or concerns about it, always consult your doctor or physiotherapist before using the product.

The muscles in and around the shoulder and also around the shoulder joint are complicated in such a way that many tissues are needed to fit on one and the same surface.

For this, a very specific roller is usually needed where we always recommend a smaller trigger point massage ball as the best shoulder massage tool. This massage ball is very specific and also accesses the muscle knots better than a larger cylindrical roller usually does.

This depends on which part of the body is to be self-treated. For the legs, for example. A larger cylindrical shaped roller with max. hardness and with trigger points the product that gives the most pressure in the treatment itself if that is what you are looking for. If you want a more centered pressure over one or more smaller muscles and over muscle knots, a trigger point massage ball, lacrosse ball or a massage gun are also several other good options.

A good choice when choosing a yoga roller is to choose a smooth cylindrical product without trigger points. It is also recommended to choose a product that is larger in size and that is soft to medium hard. Should you also bring the product to the gym or to the yoga studio, it can also be good to make sure not to buy an over-sized product so that it does not fit in your bag.

Yes, we have tested all the products you can find here with us. We would never recommend any Massage Equipment that we ourselves do not know works or which does not hold the highest quality.

A TP Roller can be designed fully cylindrical, semi-cylindrical or as a massage ball where all products have smaller “spikes”. These “spikes” are intended for when you put your body weight on your roller the spikes press on muscle knots or specific muscles or areas that you are hurting and treat them that way.

A product without these “spikes” is mainly intended to treat the entire muscle that you want to treat and then usually without muscle knots or without areas with specific needs.

We recommend that you start using your roller on a softer surface such as in bed or sofa so as not to create too much pressure and until you have learned the technique how to use it.

Start by using it 5 minutes a day to then gradually increase its use and also the number of times per day you use it. What you and your body are doing is simply the right way to go.

It is also good to know that it can hurt at first until you and your body get used to using the product.
While it may hurt to some degree, it certainly should not hurt. Pain is also a subjective feeling, that is, it is the one who has the pain who knows how it feels and no one else. What can be bad for someone can be nice to someone else and vice versa. Assume that it is okay for the rolling country to feel about 7-8 on a pain scale where 10 is max.

No, we do not, we resell and recommend all massage equipment from our various partners that you can find here on the site. When you have found a product that you like and which you then buy here through us, we proceed in such a way that we first pay for the product and then immediately contact the supplier who has the product in its inventory. The supplier will then send the product to you.

Yes we have, here we recommend you to buy as small and as hard massage ball as possible, this as it is such a specific area that should also be treated. A tennis elbow and a mouse arm are both congestion injuries that occur after repetitive and monotonous movements. At a tennis elbow, the tendon attachment that sits on the upper arm of the forearm and at the far end is also inflamed and very tender over a very small area above the skeletal attachment point.

This means that you have to be very careful not to get over this point and then even a smaller massage ball or alternatively a very small cylindrical roller is a much better choice than a larger cylinder with which it is easier to irritate the muscle. A good massage gun can also be used here.

If you still choose a ball, treat yourself by placing your ball or mini roller between you and the base (as hard as possible) and roll off the wrist and stop well in advance of the outer part of the muscle at the elbow joint, repeat the exercise.

Thus, you should not roll over the painful skeletal part in the outside of the elbow joint.
If you want a harder pressure, the healthy hand can press on the forearm that is being rolled and in a downward direction towards the ground.

We are collaborating with a number of different safe and well-known partners for a long time, where they have their own production and storage of the products. Our partners’ production and inventory are found all over the world and where we receive several quotation requests from our partners, often on one and the same product.

In this way we can also offer you lower prices than our competitors, without having to compromise on quality.
A big reason why we have significantly cheaper prices than many other competitors can offer their customers is precisely because we do not need to stock our products, these are instead sent directly from the supplier and out to you as a customer.

Our partners are found all over the world where they have both their production and their warehouses. They then need to send the product to you from their warehouse which is sometimes located abroad, so it can sometimes take longer before you get your product home.

In order that we would very much like to keep you as a satisfied customer, we have instead chosen to keep prices lower than our competitors and we have also chosen to offer you free shipping worldwide on all our products together with several recurring good discounts. All this to more than compensate you for having to wait a little longer before you get your product home and for us to have the honor of having you as a loyal customer with us.

Yes you can always undo your purchase and get your money back if one or if any of your listed examples happen.

We do not manufacture and stock the products that you can find here with us, so do all our different partners who are all different companies instead. This is exactly why the products are shipped in separate packages and also therefore they can also come in different rounds depending on when they are sent and when the companies are in different places.

Yes you can absolutely do that, test yourself and see if you think you can access the areas you want to access in a good way, if you can then it is obviously the top. If, on the other hand, you do not feel that you are accessing your muscles satisfactorily, a larger leg roller can be a good alternative for your hamstrings and a smaller massage ball an alternative good for problems in or around the shoulder blades.

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