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Massage Ball

A massage ball is a really good self massage tool that has lots of good benefits. We help you go through everything you need to know this great product. For example it can come in several different sizes and in different materials.
The variation between the balls can also differ in terms of design and intended function and they are also available in different hardness so that they also fit everyone’s wishes and needs.

However, which ball to choose can be difficult if you are not used to the product or if you do not know what it is suitable for.
That is why we have also created this site, all to help you and anyone else who also wants to find one or more different self massage tools that are tailored to your needs. Just as with many other products that you can also find here at, so are the products with different names although it is still the same type of product, which is still good to know about.

Other common names for this particular deep tissue massage tool are, for example. trigger ball, trigger point ball, lacrosse ball massage or spiky ball. Along with these great massage balls you will also find other great self massage tools like foam rollers, acupressure mats, massage chairs and percussion massagers etc on our other pages here at

This is how a spiky ball works

Acupressure is from the beginning a multi-thousand-year-old Chinese medical art. The method is noninvasive and relieves your energy, or “chi” through touch and pressure and in the same way self-treatment also works with a good massage ball.

The ball does the job here instead of what a manual therapist’s hands would otherwise have done, in addition in a very effective and good way. A trigger ball is small and specific, making it perfect to use on smaller muscle areas that create problems but which can be really tricky to access. It is also just this that it is also designed for.

Massage ball benefits

Here are lots of positive physical effects as there are also many positive mental effects. Both the physical effects and the mental effects are the same or similar that you get from a deeper manual massage such as. For a therapeutic massage or sports massage. Some of the positive effects:

  • Pain relief for bad muscles and joints.
  • Good for treating trigger points throughout the body.
  • Dissolves tension and stiffness on large muscle groups such as small areas.
  • Accelerates recovery after physical activity.
  • Helps to warm up the muscle (s) before activity.
  • Helps to make muscles and joints more elastic.
  • Good for rehabilitation during and after injury.

Other positive benefits are also that the product has a low price and is extremely efficient and durable. The fact that it is so small also makes it very flexible to carry with you in the bag, it takes up more or less no room at all. You also don’t need a large area to use it. You can very easily use it for example. The nearest wall or chair, this means that you can simply use the one where you are only if you have it with you.

Although most deep tissue massage tools you can find here on the site are also easy and convenient to carry with you when you are traveling, just a trigger point ball is by far the most flexible self massage tool to be able to pack in your bag. and bring along.

How to use a trigger point ball

A trigger point ball can be used on virtually the entire body where you need it. It is most common to use it for sciatica or trigger points in Glutes or for tension and muscle knots in the back, especially in the area between the shoulder blades and inside them.

If you are not used to the product then start by using it in bed, on the sofa or on some softer surface and preferably for a few minutes up to 5-10 minutes the first times as you and your body get used to both technique and experience.

The reason for starting cautiously on a softer surface is simply that the pressure from the spikes (or from the ball otherwise if you choose a smooth ball) thus does not become as hard as if you were to use it against a wall or especially if you would use it on the floor.

When you then feel ready for a harder pressure, you can start by using it against a wall. It goes without saying that you leave the ball between you and the wall and where you simply place the ball where you want to get the acupressure, you then press with your own body weight against the ball and the wall.

Should you then feel that you want an even deeper pressure from the ball, you can also start using the ball when you lie on the floor instead. When switching to a new, and above all, harder surface, please start gently with a few minutes for a start to slowly increase gradually according to how you think the result will be. Of course, also feel how your body feels during and after you self-treat it, also pay attention to your own pain level. It’s okay that it feels like an 8th on a 10 scale pain scale.

Once you get used to using your ball and when you actually know how your body reacts to it, you can slowly increase the number of minutes and the number of times per day that you also choose to use it. All people and all bodies are different, choose a scheme that suits you and your body all the best but start as cautious and then gradually increase.

A Deep Tissue Massage Tool designed for specific needs and areas

Although the short answer is that people of all ages who need it can use a massage ball, there are still some areas for which it is primarily designed. 

  • Small areas and muscles that can otherwise be difficult to access, such as muscles, tension and muscle knots in and around the shoulder blades and in the glutes.
  • For those who want a deeper pressure and more specific pressure over one and the same area. 
  • For those of you who are mainly looking for pain relief. 

We do not recommend you to use this product if you have just taken painkillers as these will block the feeling you get from using the ball, people with Osteoporosis, acutely injured or sick. If you still have any doubts, questions or concerns about your particular health and if a trigger ball is right for you or not, first consult your doctor or physiotherapist.

Several Massage ball benefits directly from customers

”The best deep tissue massage tool I have tested, and I have tested a lot, I will add. For me and my sciatica it has done wonders anyway.”

Jane, Liverpool, UK.

”I workout 5 days a week and use both a trigger ball and a foam roller after each workout and I absolutely think they make me recover faster and that the workouts aren’t as difficult as before.”

Logan, Miami, Florida US.

”My lower back feels significantly better with the peanut roller I bought, use it several times each day and also on the breaks at work”

Emma, ​​Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.

”I’m using a small and hard spiky ball that I bought from you and think it was great for the muscle knots I had at the shoulder blade”

Anna, Stockholm, Sweden.

Common questions and answers about your trigger ball

It can hurt at first to use a trigger point ball, which is also good to know about. Important to also be clear about is that it may also hurt to some degree, max. 8 in pain scale is ok where max. on the pain scale is 10.
Pain is also a subjective feeling where the experience is a wholly individual feeling, what any person may think hurts, someone else may perceive as nice and vice versa.

This is not something we recommend you do. The reason for this is that painkillers block the pain receptors that are in the brain and that prevent the brain from transmitting them further in the body.

In this way, the medicine can make it not feel as much when or if you would use the ball, so it can mean that you do not feel the pressure as much thanks to your intake of your medicine and it can make you worse. afterwards.
In the end, this is still a matter of personal choice, use the ball wisely and sensibly and it will also be a fantastic tool for good pain relief.

We have several products that give a good piriformis foam roll effect. Since piriformis belongs to the deep seat muscle, it is good to choose a trigger point ball which is a good deep tissue massage tool and which also accesses the muscle in a good way. A spiky ball has soft rubber studs that access muscle knots and small problem areas that larger self massage tools might otherwise have difficulty accessing.

No we do not, we only recommend or resell the products you can find here with us. All the quality products you find here on the site come from one of our safe and secure partners. If you buy one or more products that you have found here on the site, it is done so that we charge for the product (s) and then immediately contact the supplier who has these in stock and where the supplier will then send the product (s) to you .

A trigger point roller is cylindrical and can be both larger and smaller in size, in addition, the hardness can vary from roll to roll and from brand to brand. A trigger point roller also usually treats larger muscle groups than a trigger ball does, but also more general muscle-related problems than specific small areas.

A trigger point ball is primarily intended for small problem areas and muscles that you may otherwise have difficulty accessing, such as muscle knots in the middle or in the shoulder blades. The pressure is also more specific with a ball and is created by acupressure in a selected area. Here, too, size and hardness can vary from ball to ball and from brand to brand.

What is good to know is that both products have the task of treating trigger points, but the way they do it and how specific they are over a specific area can vary.

A peanut roller or a peanut massage ball is a versatile self massage tool for regeneration and mobilization of your muscles. It is one of many great self massage tools for the deeper lying muscle groups and the areas that are normally so hard to reach. You can use your peanut roller in bed, sofa, on the floor or against a wall if you wish, test yourself to see what works best for you.

It works in such a way that the space between the two balls allows a more targeted and effective massage then a lot of other products. Many people like to use the product particularly around the spine for improving the flexibility and performance of the muscles.

As with other variants of Massage balls, you can use it for pain relief, when you want increased circulation, to dissolve tension and stiff muscles, during and after rehabilitation, for accelerated recovery after activity or just because it is nice and satisfying. In addition, the product is small, lightweight and incredibly flexible to carry. That it is then also very cheap, efficient and perfect as a gift for someone you love makes it even better.

You can use it as often as you like and as often as you also feel that you get a desired effect from it.
If you are above using the ball and are not sure how your body will act by using it, then be careful to use it only for a few minutes and up to 5 minutes at a time.

Also, start using it on a soft surface or against a wall. That way the pressure will not be as severe as it would be if you use it on the floor. Also note that this is a completely individual question, what is suitable for someone does not have to suit another person. Slowly and carefully test yourself for a setup that is right for you and your body.

Yes it does, the muscle attachment for the hamstring muscle can be difficult to access and thus a good ball or even a trigger point roller is a very good alternative to choose.

Since the effects from all different types of self massage tools are also the same or similar to what you get when you get an actual treatment from a manual therapist, it is good that you drink properly with water afterwards, rest the next hour or two and also be happy also eat something light.

The reason for this is that the body loses fluid from self-treatment, you can feel a little tired afterwards and because self-treatment also boosts the metabolism in the body. Simply eat, drink and rest.

Yes it is, just as one can also be sore after a manual treatment so the muscles can be a little sore after using their ball. It can feel much like in light workouts, this can sit for up to a day after you last used the ball. If you are very sore over the area you have used it, allow this area or muscle to rest for at least 24 hours before you self-treat the same area and muscle again. Of course, it is good to self-treat other muscles within these 24 hours.

Use common sense and listen to your body’s signals, starting gently and then gradually increasing the use until you have learned what effects you are getting from using it.

A trigger point is a sensitive area in the muscle that becomes painful when compressed. A trigger point can only be a sharp pain point in the muscle that is very specific and local or it can have a referred pain.

Shoulders, neck and the area around the inner edge of the shoulder blade (closest to the spine) are common areas where trigger points are found and just from these areas mentioned above, the pain can often radiate into an arm and sometimes all the way out into the fingers. A trigger point can sometimes be detected with the bare fingers and can sometimes feel like a less harsh pea when you feel deeper into the skin and over the specific area.

A good trigger ball can be a good self massage tool in this position, but for severe pain locally or with deep radiating effect and with symptoms such as. : dizziness, headaches, pain while sneezing, coughing and cramping, a doctor should always be consulted first. This also applies to any other doubts or questions you may have regarding your particular muscle-related problem.

It is also important to add that trigger points can occur due to a variety of causes and reasons. A frequently occurring cause is due to repetitive overload for an extended period of time, where monotonous work is also often a fact. Illnesses, injuries and trauma are other examples of the emergence of trigger points.

A lot of trigger points are also paired even though it doesn’t have to be so. A point on your left side of your body has a corresponding point on your right side. Usually the most tender of these parallel points or muscles will be painful on the same side, but as always this is very individual from person to person.

For best results with self-treating with a trigger point ball we recommend you pay equal attention to points on both sides of your body. Also recommended is to add gentle stretching of your muscles on a regular basis.

No it is not dangerous to use, just pay attention to your own pain level when using it and that you are only self-treating your muscles and not any skeletal parts of your body. Are you doubtful about an injury or pain you have so always consult your doctor first if you feel that you would be in need of it.

Since the product is usually made of rubber material, it is also very easy and easy to clean. Hold the ball under lukewarm water and then take a drop of mild detergent and clean the ball with it, then rinse under lukewarm water again. Then let the ball dry, when it has then dried it is also ready to be used again.

As for these particular products that you can find right on this page, all products are also really good deep tissue massage tools. In order to get the deepest possible pressure in self-treatment, we recommend that you review each product here on the site and find the one or the hardest ones, such a product is eg. A lacrosse ball for massage.

No it is not difficult to use. Because the product is very small, flexible and specific, it is even incredibly easy to use. Feel free to review our information and our tips here on the page under ”How to use it” to get all the information on how to use the product.

It is perfectly suited to give as a gift to someone you like. Health is the most important thing we have and also has no price, because the product is cheap and effective as few other self massage tools make it even better as a gift. Of course, this applies to both those who buy the ball as a gift and the person who will also receive the gift from you.

First of all, we would like to say that we are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with the products you have found here with us at We are also grateful that you want to be seen with your review, are on the site, just as so many others have done and as so many others also want to do.

Write your review and send it to us at:, and state even though it is okay that we also write with your first name, city and country. We will never disclose any information to another party that you have not given us permission to do.

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