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Here with us at you will find lots of good self massage tools that also suit all people’s different needs and desires. In addition, all products that you can find here on the site also fit everyone’s wallets, this without, for that matter, thumping anything on the quality, something that we are also very proud to be able to offer.

All the products you can find here with us are also products that we have tested ourselves, every one of them even. In this way, we also know that they hold the highest quality and that they also work just as well as they say they do. We simply would not want to resell or recommend products that we ourselves cannot stand for or that cannot achieve good positive effects and results.

Today, there are lots of different massage tools on the market, knowing which one or which to choose can be difficult. This is especially true if you do not have the experience of using the product, or if you do not know what it is intended for use with. That is exactly why we have also created this site, so that you can find one or more different self massage tools that are fully adapted to your personal conditions and needs.

We will help you find the right product but also answer questions such as how a particular product works, what benefits it has, how to use it and answer other common questions and answers that many may have regarding various massage tools. Here on the site you will also find everything from smaller products such as foam rollers, massage balls and massage sticks to larger products such as percussion massagers, massage chairs, massage mattresses etc.

Although the various features, the design that size can distinguish them all, they are all united in terms of superb efficiency, good prices and the highest quality, we can always guarantee you as a customer.

What are the benefits of electric massagers?

Even if you choose a small peanut roller, which belongs to one of the very smallest products you can find here with us, or a larger massage hammer or even a good massage chair, they are still all united in many of the positive benefits and effects as they have:

  • Pain relief for bad, tired and stiff muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation and metabolism in the body.
  • Provides relaxation of stress.
  • Makes muscles, joints and tendons more elastic.
  • Good for speeding up recovery after exercise and other physical activity.
  • Good as an aid in rehabilitation during and after an injury.
  • Provides better sleep and can ease anxiety and depression.

To know exactly what the massage tools are intended for which you are also interested, click on the product here on the page to read more. As always don’t hesitate to contact us for all questions and concerns that you might have.

How do all the products work?

Since you can find so many different types of self-help in massage here with us at, it is common for them to come with different functions, features and designs. However, all products have the same goal and purpose, to give you a really good self-treatment massage. Choose between manual products, electric massage tools and massage devices.

Examples of manual products that you can find here with us are eg. foam rollers, massage balls, acupressure mats and massage sticks. All of these require that you yourself with your own body weight or with your own hands make sure to treat the muscle or area you want to treat.

All of these products are small, lightweight and inexpensive but still incredibly effective and also give you the results that you are also looking for. When it comes to all the electric massage tools and massage devices that you can choose from here with us, these have in common that those that are said to be electric, they either have a cord that you need to connect to an electrical outlet or they have one or more rechargeable batteries .

One advantage of a product that has a rechargeable battery is that you can easily carry it with you and treat yourself wherever you are, an opportunity many customers like. In the case of all electric massage devices, they also have one or more different speed levels as well as one or different maximum force. With these products you can also treat yourself with light pressure, medium pressure or as a deep tissue massage tool, of your choice.

How to use an electric massager?

As for all electric massage devices, you will gently have to hold it against the area you want to treat, for example. With a massage gun. Other examples may be where you yourself are completely passive and where you either sit and / or lie down and get a nice massage, such as in a massage chair or on a massage mattress of if you put on an electrical back massager or neck massager over your head.

Since virtually all electric massage devices will have one or more different levels and depths of treatment, we also recommend here that you start gently at a lower level until you have learned how the product works and what you will get as a result of this. As always don’t use it if you’re sick, are recently injured or recently have had any painkillers.

Always start by reading the user description or the manual that comes with all electric massage devices before you start using it. Why don’t take a couple of short minutes to read other customer reviews about the product that you’re interested in. This doesn’t take long time and it will be well worth it at the end. It gives you a better chance to find a product that you will be 100% satisfied, on top of this you also will have a great possibility to get a product to a affordable price.

Who can use an electric massage device?

The short answer is all the people who need it. Since then, it always varies from person to person and even personal conditions as it applies to the different functions and strengths that all products have. All products that you can find here on the site are fantastic tools if used in the way they are intended, this you can read more about when you click on the product.

No products should be used for acute injuries or if you are sick or have just taken painkillers or other medicines that make the tissue fragile. If you have any concerns about your personal health condition and if you can use a specific product, you should always consult your doctor before using the product. Otherwise, the products must be used with common sense.

Common questions and answers about massage tools

Yes, it absolutely can be. A smaller product can, for example, be better and more efficient, it is entirely up to what you want the product to be and what you want to get for the effect of the use. As an example, a smaller foam roller or massage ball may be more effective on small muscle knots and hard to reach muscles than a massage mattress or massage chair can do, as these are more focused on providing a general comfortable treatment on a larger surface.

This is a very individual question and a matter of liking and taste. Many find that a hard foam roller used on a floor provides the deepest treatment of several of the body’s muscles. Others may think that it is a less hard massage ball or lacrosse ball that provides the deepest pressure and then specifically for muscle knots in the upper back.

There are others who prefer to use a Jigsaw massager for the deepest possible treatment, which you can use yourself on the front of the body but need for example. On the back of the back have someone who helps one to hold the product during treatment. As I said, this is entirely an individual issue of liking and taste as well as what is one’s personal pain level, important to also remember is that pain is a subjective feeling.

By this is meant that it is the person who experiences the feeling that knows how it feels and no one else, that someone may think it nice, someone else may feel hurt and vice versa.

Manual products that are very specific about Glutes and piriformis are very good for these types of pain, examples of which are both foam roller and a massage ball. When it comes to electric massage devices a good massage hammer or any other massage machine can also be effective for these problems.

Whichever product you choose, use it first on a softer surface until you have learned how it works and until you know how your body reacts to its use. Also, do not use it if you have recently taken pain-relieving tablets or in severe pain down the foot and / or cough, sneezing or chest pain, in which case a physician should be consulted first.

Problems with crawling and tingling can often be due to a lack of circulation, where the muscles pinch the blood vessels so that the blood cannot pass naturally. For these problems, a good acupressure mat can often be a good solution, preferably lying on the mat for at least 5-10 minutes just before you go to bed for the night. Good electric massage devices for this is a massage gun, massage mattress and good massage chair.

It is a very good combination and where both products complement each other in a really good way. In this particular case, our recommendation is that the massage hammer take care of the larger muscle groups on the front of the body, especially Quadriceps but also the Pecs, Biceps and forearm muscles and where the ball can take care of Glutes and all hard to reach muscles in the back upper part, alternatively a small roller would also fit well.

The massage hammer can of course also be used for glutes or for the back but then you need someone who holds the product and performs the treatment for you.

A massage chair is a fantastic investment for those who want a nice and general review of the body’s muscles from head to toe. It is also suitable for those who want to be completely passive and who just want to sit back and enjoy the treatment as the chair does all the work for you.

Yes you can do that. Our website and payment system has the latest SSL technology where you as a customer can always feel safe and secure, you can choose to pay with your MasterCard, VISA or through Pay Pal. You also confirm your purchase with your Bank ID or your mobile Bank ID as an additional security measure, so only you and no one else can complete your purchase with us.

The IT band, or actually the Tractus Iliotibialis, is a wide but thin tendon that is roughly as wide as a handheld and encloses the outer part of the Quadriceps. This tendon is often very tense and is often painful to treat. If you choose to treat the IT band then do so very gently with a softer and smooth foam roller, soft and gentle as said otherwise it can irritate the tendon and make the pain worse and in the worst case also cause a bleeding.

Otherwise, focus on treating other muscles and tendons that surround the IT band like the musculature of the wad, in the middle of Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Gluteus.

All the products you find here us us are good for recovery after physical activity but some of the most popular products here with us are foam rollers and various massage machines like for example a massage gun. Here you need to test yourself for what works best for you.

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