Wooden Foot Massager, Gets your blood circulation going!


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Wooden Foot Massager

This wooden foot massager is a great foot roller and self massage tool for stress relief, relaxation and soothing comfort for tired feet. It touches and applies perfect pressure to your most relevant points of your foot to relax and soothe them. With the pressure from the nobs on your foot roller it will give you a fantastic foot massage and refloxology-like treatment every time you use it, what can be better then this? Definitely not much that can compeed with a fantastic foot rub, not if you ask us anyway.

Having problems with bad blood circulation in your feet? You are not alone with this problem for sure, this great wooden foot massager will easily take care of this problem and can also easy pain and stress in your whole body. Use it any way you like it, for circulation problems, for pain and stress release or just because its so very satisfying.
What also makes it so great is that it’s so easy to use and doesn’t take much room at all, if you want to use it outside your home you can easily bring it along with you.

Your wooden foot massager is made out of real wood to provide a natural and satisfying feeling and effect.
So are you ready to just lean back in your favorite chair or in your sofa and just enjoy your foot roller? We can guarantee that you will love the feeling. If you want a lighter pressure from the nobs we suggest that you use it when you’re sitting down, if you prefer a deeper pressure from your wooden foot roller we suggest you stand up when using it and also attach some body weight on it while rolling.

If you have any questions about this fantastic product or anyone else, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email or directly on our chat service here on our web page, you’ll find our chat service in the right corner on each page.


  • Item Type: 1 x Wooden Roller Foot Massager, Massage Tools
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 27 x 12 cm


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Massage & Relaxation




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